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As your real estate attorney, you can trust us to provide you with unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and commitment. With years of experience in the industry, our team possesses a deep understanding of real estate laws and regulations, ensuring that your legal needs are met with precision and accuracy.

We are a progressive Real Estate law firm specializing in fast residential closings. We also represent clients in all business matters, landlord/ tenant, wills, and trusts, immigration, as well as as minor civil litigation. 

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About Rick Boorman

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As bizarre as it may sound, from the time I was in middle school I have known that I wanted to practice real estate law.  Personally witnessing how a bad real estate transaction can affect a family, not only monetarily but also their health, has driven me to provide the very best service for my clients today.

I have taken every opportunity available since that experience to hone my skills and strive to become the best real estate attorney in New York.  Starting with graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo in 2010 and later obtaining my law degree from the prestigious University of Georgia School of Law (Go Dawgs!), my passion for real estate law was transformed into my ability to begin helping families achieve the dream of homeownership.  

Having the opportunity to combine my legal expertise with my love for the Buffalo, New York community, I have dedicated my career to making a positive impact in the real estate industry. I have honed my skills by working at various firms, staying up to date with the current state of the law, and handling a wide range of real estate matters.

Throughout my professional journey, I have observed a pressing issue in the Western New York real estate community - a lack of urgency, personal attention, and on-time closings. This realization has fueled my unwavering pursuit of reform and innovation, seeking new techniques and approaches to ensure a more efficient and positive experience for my clients.

As a Buffalo native, I am deeply rooted in the local community and take great pride in providing reliable and trustworthy legal services to my fellow residents. My dedication to my clients extends beyond the legal aspects of their transactions, as I strive to build meaningful relationships based on trust and integrity. With my extensive knowledge of real estate laws and regulations, as well as my unwavering commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction, you can trust me and my team to be your reliable partners in all your real estate legal needs.